Friday, October 1, 2010

happy birthday mom!

some things that remind me of my mom.

First of all, of course photography.

gardening, i loved planting your garden with you

shabby chic stuff, your rubbing off on me.

Charleston, i want to go back with you.

antiquing, you have taught me to love old things.

cafe mocha. duh.

stacks of books, literally all over the house, but i love it and i will do it.
cross stitching, i remember just sitting and watching you do this at night.
(i picked this picture because it was an S.)

jewelry, the artsy stuff

decorating for halloween and christmas. my favorite holidays because of it.

70's rock music, i get my good taste from you.

your gorgeous mommy.
i love you so much and i'm proud to be your spitting image. and not just because your gorgeous, because of everything else.

Happy Birthday!