Monday, March 1, 2010

fairy circles

i have always loved fairies, they are so sweet, magical and beautiful! last week in my fashion design class the project was to have an inspiration, subgroup it into 3 groups and create 3 ensembles for each group, to make a complete line. I chose fairy circles.

so i researched them because i realized i didn't know the history to them. fairy circles or rings are a simply a ring of mushrooms. the folklore says, though, that fairies come to these places to have meetings and dance, and if a human gets to close or steps into the ring they will make you dance until exhaustion, madness or death. others say you could die at a young age, depending on where you hear the stories!

even though the tales are a little melancholy, i think they are neat phenomena's and we just need to respect the little fairies. so if you see a circle take a picture and move along!

my first group is:
grass & flowers

the second group:

the third group:
cocktail dresses

this was such a fun project! i love fairies and believe they are out there, i hope you do too!

peace & liz

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  1. Very cool! I've not seen a fairy circle but I will be on the look out now! Love the orange frilly flower to. Your work, as usual is beautiful.