Saturday, June 19, 2010

my daddy

just a few things that remind me of my daddy.

any creamer? no, just black.

living encyclopedia. he is the smartest person i know.

smooth jazz. but music in general, he can play everything. i got my love of music from him. and a love of the bass.

food. he is a cook and a good one too. didn't get that gene...

the electronic department. i loved and still love being behind the scenes playing with all the gadgets.

he got me hooked.

i remember always running away from him while he was mowing the lawn and then going and getting him water. then he taught me, its an art.

my love of cars and mechanics. i don't know much but i love watching and learning while working on my car together.

weather. i remember as a kid seeing this picture on the tv and thinking it was a dinosaur, but it was always on! he watches it all the time. we both love storms.

tools. the garage is full of them and i have always found them so fascinating and always like to be my dads helper with projects. i think im the boy my dad didn't get...

and boating, this is something that my dad got to enjoy only for a few years but it was some of the best years with him ever, we loved being together on the boat every weekend as a family. we learned so much and had so much fun. i think this is his favorite out of everything.

all these things have made me closer to my dad and they always will.

i love you daddy, you are the best and im glad your mine.

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

your (favorite) daughter. ;)


  1. Thank you Sis, we've had alot of fun and hopefully we didn't mess you up too much for the road ahead.
    Love you

  2. Liz, this is one of the most touching things I have ever seen. Hope you keep it forever. I envy you!