Saturday, April 16, 2011


when i moved here to chicago 2 and a half years ago this is the building that is my schools neighbor, well as you can see its less than attractive and i was angry that i had to look at that everyday. its ugly. but it also made me curious as to what was underneath...well a few months ago they unveiled it slowly and i freaked out a little bit. it is one of the most beautiful buildings ever. and one of the most historic...silly me.
in its formal glory it stood as Carson Pirie Scott and Company department store.

the architect of this brilliant building is Louis Sullivan, i have just recently learned who this man is, by recent i mean friday...haha, but right away when i saw his work i knew this building that i love was his work. i was moseying around the chicago cultural center and found an exhibit dedicated to him and i am so glad i did. most of his buildings were sadly demolished after the great exhibitions, but i am so glad we still have this one and i get to look at it almost everyday...and soon shop in it. thats right TARGET is taking over. this is one happy girl :]

uhhhhh......the detaaaaaail......
i just want to hug it. maybe i will, and get a pic to prove it.

this is it currently, it is made of cast iron that was striped and repainted its original color, this gorgeous dark green!
some more info on the cast iron.

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