Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE wedding

i am way too excited about this.
it starts, 9 a.m. london time....3 a.m. chicago time.
am i staying up?
you bet.
i really don't know why i'm so excited, either. its a big deal, but it isn't at the same time. i'm just a hopeless romantic and can't help but be excited for them i guess. but i have also grown up knowing that one day William would get married and i would get to see it. i missed Diana's, seeing as i wasn't even born yet.
i guess this is bringing out my heritage too, i'm pretty much all english and i just like to feel that connection, i've been obsessed with ireland and england for a looong time and this just makes me excited. i know i'm a nerd, and i feel like saying this but at the same time i'm thinking about deleting it all. but some day i will look back and say, i stayed up all night and saw this happen.
this is history in the making.
and i love it.
and i love them.

i'm a sap.

i'll also have something to say about the dress too, i'm sure.

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